Your own print? That's possible!


We do many different assignments at our printing company. We do textile printing
for non-profit organizations, events, small brands, fashion designers. Customers are for example
DWDD, De Buurtcamping, Down the Rabbithole, Oneworld and Keuringsdienst van Waarde.
But we also like to do small festivals or events.

What people like about us is the atmosphere. You can walk into the store without an appointment and
receive information about various organic textiles and printing costs. You can see on the spot
how the screen printing process works and even get an explanation here. If you want to, you can be
there for the first print and possibly make adjustments. The runs for textile printing range from
10 to 200 pieces. At Loenatix it's all about quality and service.


Send us an email to [email protected] , with your desired quantities, colors, sizes, and logos
for a quotation! Or ask us about our price list.








JPEG file;

Make sure your file is supplied in its actual size (the same size as your print has to be
on the shirt). This is usually A4 format, landscape or portrait. The file needs a resolution
at least 300 dpi. Deliver it as "black and white" or grayscale (black text / logo on
white background)


Illustrator (.eps or .ai file);

Make sure the file is the right size (the same size as your print has to be on the shirt).
A4 to A3 format, landscape or portrait.
Make sure you have converted all texts and letters to contours!!
(select the text, and then choose "type", "create outlines")


Need help?

If you are having difficulties delivering the design properly, contact us at 020-3302320
or [email protected]


Need a design?

If desired, we can place texts, lay-out and do design, for a small fee.






Satisfied customers



AIGHT Foundation The Hague, Heritage Day Amsterdam, Green Left, D66, R-Grip,
Greenpeace, United, Café Schinkelhaven (movember shirts), Dublicators, Enfant Terrible,
The Ex, Milieudefensie, De Nieuwe Anita, Korsakoff, OT301, Justin Koopman, OASE, SHOE,
Amsterdam Underground, Stichting de Omslag, Penose, Arkin, Roads, Mentrum, Jellinek activation,
De Regenbooggroep, Brouwerij de Prael, Stichting Doek, Road Rocket Club, SCIP, Inforsa, Punt P,
Jazz & WorldmusicAgency, Mind your Stepz, Roots festival, Liteside festival, DMO, Bicycle workshop
Recycle, Restaurant Freud, Appsterdam, ASO bros., FYCA, Sweet Deals, Dominique-creative state of
mind, Laser 3.14, StreetCornerWork, TLC productions, ZigZagKid, Circus Elbow, Say Kaas, Stichting
GIGA Westerpark, This is Africa-Stg Ghetto Radio, The Wellness Garden, Markant, Actenz, Doin ’it in
the Park, Dolly Rogers, Puch Nozems, Bird Pop, Café Clouso, Rebel Relic, Rooster Rampage, Gonzo,
De Volksbond, Rent A Bike, AA convention, Birds of a feather, SBOW, Zero, Circus Hoppa, Fons Vitae
Lyceum, Stg. The Truckers Friends, Amsterdam Friends Services, 1001 Night children's camps, Prezens,
T&GT Suzuki club, Melomanics, Dahl TV, Tower C, Inspection service of Value, Beaver, Wereldwinkel VU,
Doctor in Spe, Cosmogirl-Pelicanmags, RAAZ, Stg Welsaen, Graphic Phanatics, Kapsalon Tony, Spinoza
Lyceum, Suicidal Bird, Antidote, Ratarsed, HVO Querido, Shadow Festival, Stg morocco fund, Rene SG,
Antillectual Punk Rock, Hotel Con Carazon, SOMO, Tatsjujin, Golden Glory, Drive by Wire, Warner &
Consorts, Solidarity festival, Buurtcentrum De Havelaar, The enormous Vleeshaken, Floss Manuals,
Electric Space Cowboys, Azor Bike, The Kift, Rambler, The Last Waterhole, The Stern Montessori, Wicked,
Bambix, Amsterdam Winds, The Bollox, The Marshalls, DAC Linnaeushof, ZDA, Fuoco Vivo, Project
Sea view, Stg VIIA, Can openers, El Mustache, EI-Complex, Shack Tasty, African HipHop, Hard Head,
PATATATOE, Capriool Foundation, UFO Foundation, LTC Festina, Monokino, INFO.NL, Food Bank Amsterdam,
Captain Capeman, CBS De Eshorst, The Fonzies, Marloes Coenen, PonyPack, ASV Bilderdijkpark, Cor
Koeleman, ROC of Amsterdam, Pioneers of Love, Restaurant de Steigerstek, Young Democrats
Amsterdam, Suus & Binkie, Mo & Brakko, Hof van Jaeden, Patent Pending, EATLY, The talent school,
Fijnhout Theater, DOCK Foundation, van Gog, Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra, Stg Best, Bos and
Sailing school, The Wrong Jeremies, Happy Chaos, Havenement, Plow, Barlaeus College, S-TER !,
Exodus Amsterdam Foundation, Kitocartoon and many, many others….



See you at Loenatix!

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