Team Loenatix

Teamlid Ahmed


Is the new kid on the block! 


Teamlid Iris


Is the new kid on the block! After more than 2 years of burnout
and sitting at home a lot, she wanted to do something useful
with her time, be among people and get used to working again.
Loenatix is ​​the place where all of the above comes together!


Teamlid Nicoline


She is an all-round employee, she has been with the Loenatix family
since the very beginning and before helping out here she was also
a part of the Fijnhout Printing House. Structure is especially important
to her and besides this Loenatix is a safe space to be creative.


Teamlid Nadine




Teamlid Solenne


She works with customers and in the store. What she likes is that
there is always something to do. She lends a helping hand
wherever she can. Sometimes it’s busy, sometimes it’s quiet, but it’s
always fun with music and colleagues. Loenatix is a safe space to
build up her hours.


Teamlid Berry


During a burnout, Berry wanted to start building up a working rhythm again
and that's how she ended up at Loenatix.
She really enjoys being part of the friendly Loenatix team and is also
a fan of the nice hoodies and t-shirts.
In the meantime she is looking for a nice paid job.


Teamlid Martijn


Founder Loenatix!


Teamlid Alma




Teamlid Laura


Has been a volunteer at Loenatix for 4 years now!
She really enjoys helping out with the screen printing of all the cool designs!


Teamlid Sander Oenema

Sander Oenema

This graphic designer ended up here because of RSI in his arm.
To spend less time behind a computer screen, he decided to work
in our screen printing shop. He liked it so much that this left him
with a job as a screen printer. He has since started his own business again.
Check for his work!


Oud Teamlid James



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